Erin Maria Olzweski: “I recorded them killing patients. I only registered the total and absolute contempt for human life, ”he said.

In the video, Olzewski revealed how patients who repeatedly tested negative for COVID-19 were described as “confirmed COVID” in their charts, which triggered higher compensation from government payments.

He compared the treatments they had provided in Florida to what was happening in New York. “[In Florida] we treated our patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc … we sent them home and they were fine.” In New York, “they were banning alternative treatments like hydroxychloroquine. The only thing they could do was put people on the fans. “

At the time, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provided what some called ” perverse incentives ” set up by government funding COVID-19, which granted significantly more compensation to hospitals if patients were classified as positive for COVID. -19 ($ 13,000) or if they are put on a fan ($ 39,000).

Olzewski indicated that these incentives had a dramatic impact on what was happening in Elmhurst. “You know, $ 13,000 to admit patients [classified COVID-19], and they were just admitting everyone.”

$ 39,000 to intubate patients

He further said that with the $ 39,000 incentive, the hospital would then put patients “on ventilators knowing it would kill them.” Also, “in some cases” there was an incentive of “$ 10,000 [for] each death.” With families being kicked out and the inability to monitor, it was “the perfect storm and people took advantage of it.”

Reflecting on the blockades last year, and currently in some places, he said they have always been “completely out of place. People stayed at home and got even more sick, which resulted in even more deaths. “

As most states tried to justify their blocking of statistics from New York, Olzewski criticized the injustice of “taking away people’s freedoms based on New York numbers … which we now know are lies.” Much of these high death rates, he said, came from “[Gov. Andrew] Cuomo putting these [COVID-19] patients in nursing homes ”spreading the infection among members of the most vulnerable population.

New York state nursing home deaths for the period exceeded 15,000, and following Cuomo’s coverage of these figures, there have been many requests for resignations from even members of his own Democratic party.

“But the blockages are causing far more damage” than the virus, Erin Maria Olzweski said. These include  “emotional problems, depression, suicide, just the poor health of all those living in fear itself”. It’s not really a way to live. It is not American to take away freedoms on the basis of a false narrative “.

Nobody is focusing on preventative health

As for counseling, she stressed the need to focus on one’s health using natural methods. “Nobody is focusing on preventative health and what you can do. Quercetin is a natural alternative to hydroxychloroquine, you can take it over the counter, take it with zinc, vitamin C, go out and get good exercise. Get healthy and drink water, ”he said.

“Be brave. Be bold. And get out of your comfort zone. If you see something, say something and think about future generations. If you don’t fight now, then who will? Who will fight? For me, [the incentive] is my children… they are our future generations. And now is the time to step forward and change the world. We cannot let them steal [our freedom], ”concluded Erin Maria Olzweski.

More information about her revelations can be found in Erin Maria Olzweski’s book, Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Port to Inn necessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital , by visiting Global Frontline Nurses , or Erin’s specific page here .

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