Covered under the pretext of a global pandemic, we are witnessing the largest attack perpetrated in history against our fundamental rights and freedoms

One year after the Covid-19 global pandemic was declared, the society in which we live has undergone great changes. The purpose of this documentary is to help citizens understand what is really happening, but we need your help.

Through FEAR, in just one year policies have been carried out that would seem unthinkable under normal conditions. Confinement of all people in their homes, police repression, states of alarm, absolute control of the mass media, implementation of information censorship on a planetary level, silencing of any dissident voice with disqualification campaigns, absence of debate, disinformation campaigns, use of state funds without any control, as well as the attempt of a compulsory vaccination worldwide.

Power has always used crises to establish totalitarian control over the population. This is what is called the shock doctrine, described by Naomi Klein,
in which, through impacts on social psychology from disasters or contingencies and taking advantage of the general confusion and upheaval, unpopular reforms can be carried out.

THE FALSE PANDEMIC: Assumed as real by everyone, it has been possible thanks to a society not used to thinking for itself but to assuming “official truths”. Orchestrated using an inaccuracy-based strategy,
manipulations, hoaxes and lies of the current heads of the World Health Organization, with the complicity of large power groups, the blatant use of large media and the complicit silence of many scientists, doctors, researchers, academics, politicians , prosecutors, judges and magistrates and, ultimately, a society accustomed to assuming the truths imposed from the media that misinform us.

The documentary «The Big Reset» will be an enemy of censorship, and will try to reach as many people as possible the opinions of highly educated people who are being systematically silenced for not agreeing with the unique and obligatory thought that they are trying to impose on us. The documentary will try to generate debate, as well as to solve many of the questions that we have a right to know their answers.

One of the key questions is why in the media there is hardly any talk of The Great Reset, or The Great Reboot. The Great Reset is a proposal from the World Economic Forum (WEF) to rebuild the economy in a sustainable way in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Framed in the plan of the globalists and their Agenda 2030, the current pandemic is presented as an «accelerating agent» of all the totalitarian policies that are being carried out at the planetary level.

This idea has been in the making for decades. To reach the omnipotent state, and carry out a radical transformation of society, greater interventionism and control of governments through cultural and scientific organizations is necessary. With the pronouncement of a supposed global pandemic, freedom faces a new enemy. Tyranny masquerades as expert government and benevolent dictatorship. The new rulers do not justify their right to rule due to divine providence, but now claim the right to rule the people in the name of universal health and safety, based on alleged scientific evidence.

It would be impossible to orchestrate a coup from above, as these power groups try to carry out, without the help of the media. These media have not been independent for a long time, but are controlled by large groups aligned with globalist slogans. Its social engineering mechanism turns media companies into instruments in command of power. In them is the key to manipulation, which we are clearly seeing in this pandemic.

Fortunately, there are more and more professionals in the field of medicine,
health and journalism, as well as other disciplines that question these “official truths”. Since the Great Barrington declaration, signed by more than 6,000 specialists around the world and 50,000 people, in which it is questioned
tough government measures to deal with the pandemic,
calling for the resumption of all work activities, up to the International Alert Message from health professionals to the governments of the world, already signed by
a thousand professionals, mostly doctors, belonging to the
collective United Health Professionals, in which they denounce that COVID-19 is «the biggest health scam of the 21st century.»

If you’ve never heard of all of this listed here, it’s normal. There is a deliberate attempt from the mass media to hide this type of information. They have been overwhelming us for a year with manipulated figures and data to confuse us and make us lose our sense of reality, while little by little they are undermining our freedoms.

However, there are brave and well-prepared people in the disciplines that concern them; from epidemiologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, biochemists, lawyers, prestigious journalists and even Nobel laureates, who have been denouncing the situation in which we find ourselves for a long time. These are the people we will give a voice to in this documentary, to get a true message to as many people as possible.

In this world that they want to paint us, the dominant tendency is to bend to the so-called “New Normal”, which is nothing more than an abnormal and undemocratic state of controlled freedom, under the pretext of a supposed pandemic disease that is devastating the planet. They have decided that the pressure will not change until we agree to their terms. And in this act of pride, they have corrupted the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But this time they have ignored a detail, nonexistent in previous conflicts, and that is that now the masses have a voice.

Spread, share, and if you can afford it, support this project so that, with everyone’s help, it becomes bigger and bigger.